On Family, Faith and a Degree in Social Work

Recent news excerpt about a faith-based family getting one kind or another of social involvement, and how long does it take to become a social worker:

Karrah Fort, 38, is likely to long remember how she celebrated Mother's Day weekend 2017 -- by walking across the stage to receive her master's degree in social work from the University of Tennessee. One week later, the wife and mother of three will cheer on her daughter, Aiyana Gordon, as the 17-year-old receives her own diploma from the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science in Columbus. This double dose of achievement has been a two-year group effort demanding sacrifice and teamwork, especially when it meant going from two incomes to one. Karrah had to quit working in order to fulfill internship requirements of her degree. No one in the family has regrets.  

"For me, stepping out on faith by quitting my job, returning to school and working hard to master the skills taught in the program were some of the biggest challenges of my life," said Karrah, who was a special education teacher for nine years before returning to school to specialize. Thanks to the Master of Science in Social Work program at UT, she was able to enroll as a full-time student online. While Aiyana was a two-year residential high school student at MSMS, online study allowed Karrah to be close at hand for her and at home as much as possible for Aiyana's younger siblings, now ages 12 and 13...  

More at: http://www.cdispatch.com/lifestyles/article.asp?aid=58164

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